How the hybrid cloud could change the Hong Kong workplace

Apr 24, 2017

How the hybrid cloud could change the Hong Kong workplace

IN the modern workplace, working remotely is not a novelty anymore. More and more offices are embracing this concept of people working from home.

Even meetings are now held using video hangout tools so everyone can be patched in no matter their location.

More and more businesses across the globe are tapping into the advantages of the cloud.

The cloud web server or virtual server is fast replacing the in-house variety either partly or completely.

Essentially, there are three types – the public cloud, the private cloud and the hybrid cloud.

The hybrid cloud is defined as an integrated cloud computing service which uses private as well as public clouds to execute specific functions in a workplace.

One of the financial hubs that is slowly but surely warming up to the hybrid cloud and its benefits is Hong Kong.

Last year, Microsoft Hong Kong and Japanese telecommunications company NTT partnered to offer a hybrid cloud solution to Hong Kong enterprises.

“In Hong Kong, hybrid cloud is becoming the new normal,” Hideaki Ozaki, president and chief executive of NTT’s East Asia headquarters NTT Com Asia told the South China Morning Post newspaper. “Our ultimate goal is to widen the adoption of cloud solutions as much as possible.” (

Scalability is one of the big benefits of the hybrid cloud. When the business needs to expand for a specific task, a business can spin an environment to do the task and destroy it when no longer needed. This eliminates the need for buying up server space.

It also helps the organisation save costs. With a hybrid cloud, a business can increase capacity as and when needed without spending on new hardware or having to pay additional software licensing costs.

Spinning a new environment can also give a company the advantage of speed. Products and services can be tested and sent to market quicker than before.

Cloud technology in the workplace also enables digital enterprise fax solutions to boost productivity and eliminate time wastage in communications.

One of the features of online faxing or efaxing is that faxes can be sent directly from a cloud storage app.

Documents can be stored in the cloud and access whenever needed. Also, when documents are in the cloud they can be accessed and a person does not need to be in the office to do it.