Improve your business in Hong Kong with the electronic fax

Apr 24, 2017

Improve your business in Hong Kong with the electronic fax

HONG KONG is one of the leading international financial centres in the world.

Along with Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea, Hong Kong was considered one of the Four Asian Tigers or Four Asian Dragons because of industrialisation and high growth rates.

Being a financial hub means staying ahead of the game in terms of time.

The ease that modern technology brings to the way business is managed cannot be quantified. Use of devices and advances in technology can save businesses a lot of time.

One such key technological development is the electronic fax.

When the fax machine was used by businesses, it was a handy device and became a must-have an enterprise, no matter the size.

But as more convenient ways of doing business over the internet and sending messages via email are now the order of the day, the traditional fax has moved with the times.

So why did this office tool have to move with the times?

For one, having a physical fax machine meant an entrepreneur would have to stand by it to wait for an incoming fax, especially if the fax being received was confidential.

This means that the entrepreneur would not be able to schedule meetings in the office or outside because of the arrival of a confidential fax.

Move on to the electronic fax or internet fax or efax. With this new way of faxing, the confidential document lands safely into a person’s inbox away. No one else sees it unless the receiver shares it with others.

This means that the entrepreneur can now manage his or her time better – they do not even need to be physically in the office to receive the fax and can be on their way to a meeting while the fax is received.

Imagine the dilemma faced by an entrepreneur with the physical fax machine – stand at the machine to collect a confidential fax or attend a meeting that could only be held at that time. The efax puts paid to that scenario.

Hong Kong has made huge investments in broadband and fibreglass infrastructure.

Fast broadband speeds means big files and videos can be downloaded easily.

When huge documents are faxed on a physical machine, the paper could run out or get jammed. There was even the chance of the toner running out. And the days of pre-broadband, there was a strong likelihood huge files could freeze the email.

This is where efaxing covers both angles. Files size doesn’t matter with online faxing. No matter the size, the file just drops into the email inbox when faxed online. Videos, high resolution images and presentations can all be faxed electronically without freezing the system.

All faxes sent electronically can be stored in the cloud.

A company such as eFax offers not only electronic faxing services but also cloud storage. So documents, no matter the size, can be accessed with just a click.

Ever been to a meeting and realised that you should have carried the documents that were faxed over? That is something else an entrepreneur need not worry about. With cloud storage, an entrepreneur can access any document - even when they are out of the office for a meeting.

eFax offers to save and store messages and documents in the cloud that have been sent or downloaded through their service free of charge. This also means that an entrepreneur does not have to physically file documents that have been faxed in.

eFax gives business owners a 30-day free trial. One of the features during this trial period is that a business can send 150 pages and receive 150 pages free.

After the trial period, prices start at $68 per month.

Businesses can either get a new fax number or can transfer an existing fax number if they choose to take the services of eFax. The company does not charge to have an existing fax number transferred.

Just as an entrepreneur can receive a fax while on the move, they can send one too. Yes, a fax may require a signature. This is where eFax’s electronic signature and email to fax comes into play.

Customers can sign a document on their phone with the swipe of a finger. eFax’s new mobile app allows an entrepreneur to sign a contract on the go via the Finger Signatures.

There are two ways of doing it – by dropping a stored photo of your signature or by using a finger to trace your signature on the mobile screen.

When looking at costs, electronic faxing removes the need for a physical fax machine. The supplementary costs such as paper and toner are removed from the equation. The cost of repairs is also made a thing of the past. And the time spent waiting for a repairman to turn up when the machine goes bust can be put to more productive use.

With electronic faxing, there is no need to buy a fax machine or to download any new software. No training is required because the entrepreneur only needs to know how to send an email. An entrepreneur can use the business’s existing computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

No matter the size of the business, saving a dollar here or there makes a difference when balancing the books.

But instead of standing over a fax machine waiting for the documents to come in and hoping it will not jam, that time could be put to better use. And the space that has been freed up in the absence of a physical machine can be put to better use in the modern workplace.